Poultry Equipment and System with Innovative Solution

-We’re poultry equipment manufacturer and also a poultry farmer-

Pristine Dynamics Sdn. Bhd. has established itself as a solutions provider of innovative poultry equipments and systems in the poultry sector.We focus on designing, developing, manufacturing, supplying, training and servicing poultry farm equipments and poultry farm systems. With a dedicated team of experienced staff, we are able to provide comprehensive and flexible services to support poultry farmers to get better results.

Our customers based in South East Asia as well as in other countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa and Central America.The range of Pristine poultry equipment comprises : pan feeding system, chain feeding systemfeed storage and transportation system,manual feeder, nipple drinking system, bell drinker, auto chick drinker,climate control system, mist cooling system, drop curtain system, light trap and breeder nest.

Why choose Pristine poultry equipment?
Because our main objective is to help farmers to run their poultry farm successfully. In order to achieve this objective, we have built our own poultry farm equipped with our latest poultry equipment design and system as a facility to carry out product research and development to create new and improved equipment and making more user friendly system that help to further improve poultry production efficiency.

We also pay great attention to operation detail of our system with continuously upgrade in design that produce a very practical system. With our senior and dynamic workforce, we committed ourselves to produce quality, efficient and reliable system that simplifies the daily operation work in poultry farming.

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